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I&O is a sound project that involves human perception and sensoring as a mechanism of vocal expression. Vocals I & O are used as a mapping method of people entering and exiting different parts of a building. Through this topic, I am opening the question of human sensoring performance opposite to mechanical and digital sensory. Humans, as one purpose mechanisms, have their influence on other processes. Vocal expression as a relevant channel of communication.

The intervention was realized as a part of a collective presentation of works created at the social practice course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. The intervention was made on 14.12.2017. from 12h till 15h at the student centre in Zagreb

Year: 2017.

Performers: Dora Fodor, Eva Milković, Karen Nhea, Romano Dautanac and Filip Borelli

Documented by: Katerina Duda

Mentor: Andreja Kulunčić

Duration of performance: 5 min.

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