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Spontaneous Literary Vocalisation is a performance with spontaneously chosen literary preludes in a library. It is a public vocal interpretation, where the author emphasizes the role of the physical need for expression and translating text and words into sound. Sound, as a keyframe of this project, is simultaneously transmitting from the space of the library into the public domain using speakers and wireless technology. Vocalizing inside and outside of the library examines the relationship between interior and exterior voice while reading various parts of books. The author's literary vocalization is recorded and stored in a sound installation of Branimir Štivić called „Unheard“. That way, the recording stays inside the space of the library and it can be heard just with a special kind of headphones that are a part of Štivićes work. A situationist approach in the selection of literary work and relinquishing into the intuitive and subconscious mechanisms of choice characterizes this work as unpredictable and spontaneous.

Year: 2019.

Mediums: microphone, wireless audio transmitting system, speakers.

Preformed: Gallery Prozori in Zagreb, Croatia.

SLV za webFilip Borelli
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