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Filip Borelli - photo by Teodora Lukavski

Photo by: Teodora Lukavski


Filip Borelli Vranski (conte di Vrana) is a Croatian new media artist researching the interaction of light, sound, movement, and music. He graduated in Zagreb, Department of Animated Film and New Media Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Faculty of Economics. In his works, he often employs scientific approaches to the research of natural phenomena. Kinetic sculptures, interactive installations, performances, and experimental films form the core of his artistic expression. He has been a performer and musician since 2009 and is a member of the Croatian Music Union and Croatian Association of Artists. His awards include second place at the 35th Youth Salon of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists for his work Space Feedback Music (Vibrations of Space) in 2020. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, residencies, and festivals in Croatia and abroad, including the SiIbersaltz Festival (DE), Touch Me Festival (HR), IAB – Industrial Art Biennial (HR), Blockheide Leuchtet (AT), Wir wollen das DAS (AT) and MTF – Music and Technology Festival (DE)...




2022.       Another Dimension, Gallery SC, Zagreb, CRO - M
2022.       Glowing Globe Art Festival, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, CRO – UVD & Kinetic photo.

2022.       Annual exhibition of members of HDLU, HDLU, Zagreb, CRO - Kinetic photo. 

2021.       Device_art Festival, MKC Gallery, Split, CRO- M24

2021.       Annual exhibition of members of HDLU, HDLU, Zagreb, CRO - Short films 
2021.       Blockhede leuchtet, Gmund, AUT- M24

2020.       35. Youth Salon, Zagreb, CRO - Spacesonic \ Space vibrations

2020      3. Bienalle of industrial art, Rijeka, CRO - Underground vibration dialogues

2020.        Museum Lapidarium, Novigrad N/M, CRO - Invisible Beauty

2019.       Festival of overhead projectors, Zagreb, CRO - Lantern acustorium 4Mdk

2019.       Franch Pavillion, Zagreb, CRO - Skladbafon XYZ

2019.       Gallery Prozori, Zagreb, CRO - Spontaneous literary vocalization 

2019.       Silbersaltz Festival, Halle, GER - Invisible Beauty

2019.       Visualia Festival - Pula, CRO - M

2018.       ZEZ Festival, Zagreb, CRO - Attention Please! Where are our eyeballs at?

2018.       Youth Salon ULUS, Samobor, CRO - Breath on the Night Lens

2018.       Blockheide leuchtet, Gmund, AUT - Invisible Beauty

2018.       TASK, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, CRO - Plasticophone

2018.       Visualia Festival, Pula, CRO - Invisible Beauty

2018.       ZEZ Festival, Zagreb, CRO - Inox Aquasonic

2017.       Sound art incubator, Zagreb, CRO - Beatbusters XYZ

2017.       Aa Gallery, Vienna, AUT - Invisible Beauty

2017.       Touch Me Festival, Zagreb, CRO - Invisible Beauty

2014.       Perforacije, Zagreb, CRO - Invisible Beauty


2022.       Institut français de Croatie, Zagreb, CRO - Photokinetica

2020.       DKC Lamparna, Labin, CRO - Underground vibration dialogues

2020.       Gallery VN, Zagreb, CRO -  Vibration of space (cro. Titraji prostora)

2019.       Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, CRO - M24



 2020. main award - Youth Salon, HDLU, Zagreb, CRO - Spacesonic feedbac music - Vibrations of  space



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new media art 

Contact: borellifilip(at)

Filip Borelli

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