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The core concept driving my artistic endeavors revolves around the goal of translating the intangible forces inherent in the physical realm into a palpable, poetic encounter. My chosen mediums encompass light, sound, and movement, alongside materials having kinetic qualities that eloquently articulate the essence of chaos such as threads, foils, special pigments, liquids, and the like. Through these elements, I embark on a quest to probe the spiritual and metaphysical realms, all within the captivating embrace of abstraction.

While the artistic process I employ may seem conceptually poetic, it is underpinned by a foundation in science. I conduct meticulous physical experiments to craft a controlled, dynamic system. This system, often yielding unpredictable outcomes in kinetic forms with interactive components, guides the observer into a state of trance, wonder, and playfulness.

My artistic pursuit is centered around challenging the perception of reality through both action and emotion, resulting in an art form characterized by its interactive and ever-evolving nature. It is an art that unfurls the profound dimensions of everyday existence.

In my most recent works, I delve into the kinetics of digital media, particularly photography and film. Through a performative approach, I endeavor to explore the concealed vibrational world of light and sound. Employing techniques such as kinetic light painting and ICM photography, I incorporate body movement as a fundamental aspect of the creative process. The Photokinetika series exemplifies this approach, wherein the camera, guided by hand movement during prolonged exposure, abstracts light scenes in public spaces, altering their temporality and unveiling realities distinct from the visible realm. In this manner, I establish a connection between the transience of time and space as a result of motion.

Filip Borelli




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new media art 

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Filip Borelli

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