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Feng Shui is a performance that combines live original music with dance and object manipulation. It is formed around the Feng Shui philosophy and the research of contemporary sound and movement. Translating sound to movement and vice versa, the authors have developed choreography based on numerological aspects of Feng Shui is changing according to the space of performance and time of year. Using only sound and movement, the performers are creating a dialogue of cause and effect representing the communication between yin and yang polarities. 

The performance features contemporary music techniques such as beatbox, looping live recording, and playing music with metal bottles. The dance segment of this performance combines contemporary dance techniques and object manipulation such as LED poi and poi-flags. The specialty of the dance performance is in the manipulation of poi with feet.

PERFORMERS: Tanja Puklek and Filip Borelli

SOUND DESIGN: Filip Borelli

CHOREOGRAPHY: Tanja Puklek and Filip Borelli

COSTUMOGRAPHY & SCENOGRAPHY: Tanja Puklek and Filip Borelli

DURATION: 30 min

YEAR: 2018.

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new media art 

Contact: borellifilip(at)

Filip Borelli

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