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Loop in a Loop is a multimedia art performance that explores the physical and metaphysical relationship between space and sound through the movement of the body. By using a positive sound feedback loop between a microphone and a speaker, the movement of the body that carries the microphone determines the tonal structure of the soundscape composition. This way, the invisible lines of nature based on chaos are revealed, where the body in search of form is left to external and internal loops. Audio reactive projections are triggered by the motion of the performer as she moves through the space and interacts with the silk curtain. By exploring the vertical plane, the performer acts like a sculptor but also like a composer, manipulating all the mediums at once. 

As a result of this process, a game is created between control and letting go, which leads to unpredictable connections between matter and emotions.

PERFORMER: Nikolina Kumljenovi

MULTIMEDIA: Filip Borelli

PRODUCTION: Nikolina Kunljenovic


DURATION: 35 min

YEAR: 2023.


The production of performance is supported by the City of Zagreb.

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new media art 

Contact: borellifilip(at)

Filip Borelli

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