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Lantern acustorium 4Mdk is a site-specific multimedia installation 4-channel musical composition made from sound frequencies of standing waves found in the room. The installation was made as a part of the Festival of overhead projectors 2019. @ AKC Medika. 

Space can be described by a sound whose wave structures speak of the character of architecture. A standing wave, representing the fundamental vibrations whose rhythms visualize the music of space, reveals stories stored between the walls. Through the penetration of surface tension, vibrations in the transmission of information raise waves whose watery touches in the play of shadows and light pave the way for free interpretation. With the orientation of the floor plan across the four corners of the globe, the sound installation of the hidden events of Medika's space is liberating. The frequency sequence of the sounds emitted by composition communicates the music and combines light and sound into projection through the Lantern acustorium.

MATERIAL: media players, amplifiers, speakers, the ground plan of the space of Medika in Zagreb on transparent foil, glass bowl, water, threads, and overhead projector.

YEAR: 2019.

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new media art 

Contact: borellifilip(at)

Filip Borelli

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