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Plasticophone is an interactive installation that is constructed of four shaving devices carefully chosen for their particular harmonies that have to synchronize with the whole music composition, little plastic bags with air trapped inside, one bigger plastic bag with trapped air, Arduino microcontroller and movement sensor. The experiment recording is displayed with headphones for listening. The installation runs with the audience's entrance into space being recorded with the movement sensor. Ignition and extinction of shaving devices are based on a principle of musical articulation (staccato and legato) programmed into the installation. The visitors are invited to interact and explore the sound abilities of the installation.

MATERIAL: plastic bags, air, shaver, Arduino, relay, movement sensor, video, wooden boards.

DIMENSIONS: 2x wooden landing (height - 150cm, width - 10cm, length - 60cm) 

YEAR: 2018.

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new media art 

Contact: borellifilip(at)

Filip Borelli

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