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  • Access to water supply network (it is preferable to have garden hose connector) around 80 l of water

  • Dark or shadowed space min. dim. Hight 3,5m<, width 13,6m, length 13,6m (includes the dimension of truss system) ground plan below

  • Truss system or some similar system for hanging the sculptures 8x8m (it can also be hanged from tree branches)

  • The floor has to be flat (it can have little bums, but no bevels)

  • Installation can be exhibited outdoors with proper protection from the rain or snow (tarpaulin etc.)

  • The Installation has to be secured from theft or damage by having the security guard or the volunteer.

  • Electric EU socket 220V, 50Hz

M 24  is an installation constructed from 24 sculptures that combine the properties of aesthetics and physics into an interactive experience. The swirling of water in the sphere of sculpture, triggered by the action of the audience, activates the movement of fluorescent particles exposed to UV light creating clumps like smaller galaxies.

24 kinetic sculptures shaped translucent spheres set in parallel relationship with one another represent an enlarged context of transience time one day in a person’s life.

Each sphere is a unique universe containing its own forms, relationships, and cycles in the game of creation and destruction. There are 20 smaller, handheld, and 4 bigger sphere sculptures. The scientific background of this work is based on understanding contemporary concepts and ideas of time and space like the theory of parallel universes and string theory.


"By questioning the multiverse ideas of string theory, I placed the viewer at the center of the time-space continuum as the main link between worlds. It is he who initiated the change that connects the multiple universes into the game of creation and destruction."

- Filip Borelli.


The M ​​Series and its interactivity emphasize the importance of human impact on the environment by placing action as the main cause of motion in space. Looking at the context of everyday life, the consequence of human actions can be manifested through the representation of microplastics in the waters of the world. It is the letter M that symbolizes the multiverse idea as a possible explanation of temporal-spatial relationships in which the observer creates reality by making actions. The installation is movable and can easily be transported and assembled. Materials that we use are reusable and available.

MATERIALS: acrylic spheres, water, fluorescent material in color, metal construction, inductive motors, Arduino, LED ultraviolet lights 4x120 watts, 20x3 watts, rechargeable batteries.

YEAR: 2017.

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new media art 

Contact: borellifilip(at)

Filip Borelli

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