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#soundart   #site-specific  #kinetic  #standingwaves  #soundofspace  #spacesonic  

Sound Feedback Music is an 8 channel musical composition consisted of sound frequencies in a form of standing waves found in a closed space. Research of the relations between time and space is where I discovered the musical potential of the architecture. The methodology for detecting the sound frequencies of a particular space is based on scientific analysis of standing waves. They are a physical phenomenon which range and position depend on the dimensions, shape, and material of the closed space. By using the positive sound feedback technic I can detect their positions and range by moving through space.

Speakers and treads are used as a medium for transferring energy between the visible and invisible plane of sound and creating the visual manifestation of standing waves. Their kinetic sculptural relation in the space represents the nature of sound occurrence in a form of pure frequencies composed according to the principle of „change“ (I Ching).

Year: 2019.

Medium: media players, amplifiers, speakers, threads.

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